Interior Decorating

Whether you’re still choosing what colour to paint your brand new bathroom, or looking to revamp a tired one with a punch of new colour, deciding on the right theme is probably the toughest choice.

Maximize Your Space with the Best Bathroom Colour

In interior design, the size of a room can help determine the most successful colours and themes to experiment with. For the best bathroom colour, think about the available space you’re working with. The bigger the space, the more dark colours and themes you can use.

With smaller areas, the best bathroom colours fall under the lighter shades of the colour spectrum. This gives the illusion of extra space. The great ideas of a company well versed in home interior painting will really get you going.

Themes and Colours for Your Bathroom

Choosing a shade of paint you love is the first step to achieving your dream bathroom. Next is tying everything together—from the tiles down to the accessories—with a theme.

Use your overall colour as the main influence for the room. Periwinkle, yellow, blue, aqua, taupe—choose a base colour, then work in your cupboard and counter colours to complement. Complete the look with Continue Reading…


Do you make it match? Or compare and contrast? When it comes to picking a wall and trim colour combo, the choice is yours. Here are a few pointers to help you get started on your best ever interior design.

  • Trim sets the tone for the room and can make a wall look larger or smaller.
  • It’s a good idea to keep all the trim in one room the same color.
  • Glossier paint for trim works best, since it usually gets the most wear and tear and is easy to clean.

    The art of selecting paint color for wall

    Interior Design and the Modern Look

    For a modern look, paint trim the same colour as the wall. The finish might change from flat on the walls to semi-gloss for trim, but keeping colours the same makes for a calmer, less chopped-up look and can pull a room together.

    With no big colour differences to distract, other features stand out more—like that dramatic new sofa fabric or the perfect cabinet you finally found in Continue Reading…