Home Interior Painting

Kitchens present a unique situation in regards to colour. First of all, before you worry about paint colours for kitchen we should concern ourselves with what kind of paint for the kitchen.

How many people who have grown up using – oil based enamel will tell you this is a must for the kitchen. Back in the day this was probably true but today oil-based paints have been outlawed due to environmental concerns. In their place are the new generation of ‘water based oil paints’. It sounds like an oxymoron but it is true. How this is done and the chemistry behind it is a little complicated, but what it means is brushes and rollers used for these new paints can be cleaned up with soap and water just like latex paint. (You have to clean up while the paint is still wet.)

This eliminates the need for clean up with turpentine (mineral spirits), which gets washed down the drain, is highly toxic to fish and highly toxic to the people who eat those fish.

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