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Colour Trends for 2014: What Interior Colour?

Interior painting projects can be fun when you are at the planning stages of choosing colours. After all, there are so many to choose from and you can let your imagination run free with whatever you want.

However, colour trends and ideas emerge and change every year. What was in only five years ago can start to look dated now. Whether you are a new homeowner or have had your house for some time, it never hurts to check out the latest trends. You may be tempted to stick with old favourites but some of the latest innovations aren’t just fads, but are well thought-out ways to enrich your inside life for years to come. Continue Reading…

Eight common mistakes when choosing paint colour

By Shelley Scales

colour chart

1. Choosing a paint colour in the store without checking it in the space.

Use a fan deck in the light where it’s going to be used. For example, lighting in South Vancouver is distinctly different from Northwest Portland.


over matching decoration 2. Over-matching.

This is to say making all the walls in the living room the same colour as the sofa. This is a colour scheme that has no colour “wow”.  You can find successful colour schemes in magazines, and in nature, using the colour wheel. Choose the colour scheme that best shows your personality.

try colour first


3. Not trying the colour first.   

Choosing the wrong colour can ruin the job, if you are not certain, do a test on the wall; it could appear nice on the card but have too much pink or yellow in it. Put it on the wall and wait 24 hours if you can. Look at in the different lights of the day and night.

home interior paintingHow many times have you chosen what you thought was exactly the dead-on colour at the paint store, only to coat a couple of walls on the home front, step back to assess and feel truly disappointed? Maybe even confused, wondering how could the paint sample be so different from what I’m seeing now?

Most people think the easiest part of a home interior painting project is selecting the right colour. But it’s more complicated than that, largely due to one key factor that gets easily overlooked: the effects of lighting on paint colour.

Day or Night, Natural or Not?

The lighting in a room has a huge effect on colour. Never pick paint when you’re short of time and without getting a sense of how it will appear in your actual home environment. Here are four situations to note when choosing paint colours. Continue Reading…

home interior paintingWhen it comes to home interior painting, no job is too small for a professional painter. Whatever you need done, an efficient and organized professional painter can always make it happen.

If the scope of your painting project is relatively small, such as freshening up the walls in your guest bathroom or walk-in closet, for example, most experienced home painters will be skilled at assessing the time frame and materials required for the job, as well as the cost estimate, through a straightforward, over the phone consultation.

Small Jobs May Eliminate On-Site Assessment Time

The pros are pros for a reason. They know just what questions to ask and can zoom in on the particulars without wasting your time. Your basic description of the room and its size can eliminate the need for and cost of an on-site Continue Reading…

home paintingNavy blue, charcoal, burgundy, dark brown: great ideas for a winter coat, you may be thinking. We tend to avoid these darker shades as the prominent colour in room décor, but with a little derring-do, they might just be the angle you’re after to usher in an air of elegance and sophistication. A room featuring walls in rich, jewel-like tones is just plain fun to decorate, and can lend itself beautifully to more vibrant choices in furniture, accessories and especially artwork.

Here are a few useful tips and comments about using dark colours when some fresh, bold home painting is on the agenda:

Making the mood – Light and bright colours are often considered casual. Darker colours add elegance to a room and bring a more subtle tone to the space. They also convey confidence and calmness. A chief element in using dark colours successfully for home painting is the creation of contrast. Items in rooms with darker walls will really be showcased and stand out in a more obvious way.

Keep the kitchen in mind – Sure, kitchens are utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be classy, too. Colour really comes into play when Continue Reading…


Home Interior PaintingWith your bundle of joy on the way, it is only natural that you’d like to prepare a comfortable and great looking nursery where your little one can sleep and play. Of course you want the space to be soothing and welcoming, but it should also be safe and conducive to your child’s development. When planning for any home interior painting project, particularly one that includes a baby’s room, you’re wise to consult with experienced professionals who understand the importance of a nursery environment that is both attractive and completely safe.

Hire Home Interior Painting Professionals

Tackling home interior painting on your own usually makes for a tedious task, especially if you have other matters to take care of and purchases to concentrate on in readiness for the wee one’s arrival. Expectant parents will appreciate having more time to spend on shopping for baby clothes Continue Reading…


Home Painting for the HolidaysAre you expecting company for the holidays? Parents, cousins, friends, in-laws…they’ll probably all drop by at some point or another, and some will be staying overnight. Of course, you want your house to feel welcoming and look picture perfect. Aside from decorating with bows and boughs, the festive feel of your home will benefit most from some terrific background work. Now, before the seasonal social flurry actually begins, is the right time to have your interior home painting done by skilled and experienced Vancouver painters.

No Time like the Present for Holiday Home Painting

A professionally done interior paint job is actually a simple but effective way to spruce up your home for the upcoming holidays, and now is the perfect time to get started. Of course painting should be done primarily in the areas where you will be entertaining, such as the living room and dining room. But what a good excuse to finally have the kitchen painted, too, a task you’ve been putting off for far too long.

If you have out-of-town friends or family who will be staying with you, then it would be desirable to have any and all guest bedrooms and bathrooms painted, as well.

Pre-Holiday Home Painting Tips and Assurances

Home painting is obviously something that can’t be done overnight, but the same applies to good colour selection and many other aspects of planning the project. Start ahead of time and don’t feel rushed. Here are some dos and don’ts to consider for Continue Reading…


Home Interior Painting Sponge Painted Walls Vancouver PainterDesign and décor, especially good quality home interior painting, have great aesthetic value and contribute a lot to the character and personality of your home. The overall atmosphere of your home’s interior hugely depends on colour and texture. If you’re still staring at something that went out of style years ago, consider the boost you’ll give your rooms by bringing them up to date.

Fresh Home Interior Painting Contemporizes Tired Trends

Yes, about 30 years ago, sponge painting gave your walls an interesting, texturized look. But that effect is long gone from the realm of contemporary interior design, and it’s probably just as well. Besides, not every past sponge-painted effort turned out the way it was supposed to, and the amateurish results often linger as the tacky legacy of a DIY weekend project. Mismatched colour combinations and just plain sloppy execution can contribute to the outdated eyesore in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, Continue Reading…


Vancouver Home Interior PaintingYou’ve just had that great home renovation done, and want to most effectively complete the look. Whether your new room is a spacious, open area or a smaller, cozy spot, once the construction is done, choosing a suitable paint colour can be as important as planning the layout itself. Colour always plays a big role in getting the total look and feel you want to achieve. Consult an experienced home interior painting company for just the right advice.

When it comes to home interior painting, naturally there are a huge variety of colours you can choose from to perfectly suit every room in your house. If you now have a completely new room that wasn’t there before, however, it may be a challenge to know how to best incorporate its colour scheme into your home’s existing design and theme. Instead of being overwhelmed by a vast selection, see it as an opportunity to find a truly successful colour by considering a number of factors.

Painting a New Room? Things to Think About:

  • Pick a Colour that Suits the Room’s Purpose

Think about the size and intended use of your newly created space. If it’s a home office, for example, you’ll want to go with a shade that’s not overly distracting but not too calming, either. Something that makes you feel comfortable and able to concentrate well is Continue Reading…


Out with the old and in with the new. Especially if you’ve moved into a great heritage style house that you want to update a bit with fresh, clean walls to show off some of your favourite artwork.

Unfortunately, that means removing any faded, peeling and outdated wallpaper that’s been clinging on for dear life for who knows how many years. Let’s face it: the country rooster and hen pattern in the kitchen has gone well past its vintage charm phase, and is just plain ugly.

Before enjoying the look and feel of those rooms freshly painted in exciting new colours, if you’re keen to do away with that nasty wallpaper yourself, prepare for some messy times ahead. Wallpaper removal takes many hours of hard and dirty work, especially if you’re not Continue Reading…


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