Commercial Painting

Painter in a bucketA commercial workplace should be given the same amount of care and upkeep as any office building or home. Maybe people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the fact is they see your business every day and form opinions about it. Calling in a reputable Vancouver painting contractor can make a big difference.



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commercial painting contractor in VancouverWarehouses, offices, stores and other business outlets need a facelift every so often, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a fresh coat of paint. Naturally, a painting project of this nature can also affect accessibility to your premises and you want to have it done as quickly as possible for a reasonable price, not too much to ask from a professional contractor who has the necessary experience and know-how.

Getting several estimates is fine, but there’s more to it than that. Before making a decision, make sure you’re clear on just what those quotes include. If an overall cost sounds too good to be true, make sure you’re clear on what the price includes.

Questions to Ask Your Commercial Painting Contractor

Before signing the contract, it is best to understand the parameters of the agreement by asking your commercial painting contractor several questions:

1. How many coats of paint are included in the contract price?

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Do you ever doubt the legitimacy or effectiveness of a business because of its exterior colour? You may even feel put off as you approach a particular office building or store, for no other reason other than how dilapidated and uninspiring it looks. Let’s face it, faded, chipped and peeling just doesn’t cut it in the commercial world.

Have you considered what your own building’s exterior paint tells passersby and potential customers about your company? If not, it might be time to give it some serious thought.

Painting Contractors Know the Power of Commercial Colours

painting contractorsOften, business managers and retailers focus only on a line of products or services and pay much less attention to how they are presented. And that doesn’t mean just creative window displays and glossy interior décor; the general condition and particularly colour of your retail exterior speaks volumes about your attitude, approach to business and willingness to accommodate customers and make their experience as pleasant as possible.

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The color of your office space, medical or dental office, restaurant, large store or small shop speaks much more about your business than you think. The choice of colors you paint your walls, ceiling, and even the floor, radiates a great deal about you, your business, your employees, and ultimately your product and service. The kind of “vibe” your place of business resonates through its aesthetics can affect the way it is run, and ultimately how it makes money.

Something a skilled commercial painter well knows is that the color that envelops a room has an effect on the mood of people inside it. Your employees may find themselves in a more energetic and creative mood with a room painted in red. A doctor’s office is usually painted all white to exude a feeling of cleanliness and purity. A dentist’s office might do well in pale blue, which tends to have a calming effect. Have you ever felt like you’re gravitating to a certain shop at the mall just because their interior looks so inviting? That’s the same technique in action, which uses mood colors that can boost your business.

Get Ready for Your Commercial Painter

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