The Truth About Paint Colour

You’ve heard the rules about paint colors, real COLOUR:

Dark colours make a room look small. Carry the same colour throughout the house. Ceilings should be white. Grey is the new beige. Use off-white if you plan to sell. Etc.

Here’s the truth. PAINT COLOR is what you LIKE! That’s it. Period. Full stop.

True, there are facts about how certain colours go together or how using repetition of a colour (like matching to the cushions on your sofa) will tie a room together and so on. But these are facts not rules. Rules are made to be broken! In the end it is about what you like. If you live in the house and you pay the bills then the most important audience for that house is you.

A colour consultant can come to your house and see what you like and don’t like about your house and make suggestions that will give you the look you want. That is what a consultant really should do, is help you get what you want. If you tried to put it together before and it all came out wrong you probably just don’t know how to translate the picture in your head into its physical form in your house. We can help in two ways:

  1. Once you have approved your estimate we can provide basic colour advice for paint colours.
  2. If you want to go beyond that we can help connect you with a qualified decorator who will co-ordinate all aspects of the job include flooring, window coverings, furnishings, etc.

But remember: Don’t be intimidated by someone else’s rules. Let us help you create the look YOU want and be unique. Express yourself! If you can’t express yourself in colour in the freedom of your own home then there is something seriously wrong in the world, right?

For advice on getting the right paint colours just send us an email