Painting Your Home or Condo for Resale

Painting a home for resalePainting your home for resale is different than any other painting. When you’re selling you are trying to reach a wide variety of people with different tastes and inspire them to view your home as their home – not yours.

Therefore you’re taking a big gamble when you decide to repaint your home for selling but choose colours you love, because others may love them not so much.

You’re much better to use neutral colours that will be easy for others to envision as a backdrop for their art, their furnishings and their knick-knacks. Or even a blank canvas for them to add their own colours to.

Does neutral mean white? Not often. When you take away all your possessions and personality from a home it still has permanent features that remain after you are gone. For instance the carpeting, wood flooring and tiles – all have a colour to them and the wall colour should harmonize with these elements. Similarly the countertops, bathroom fixtures and appliances are normally staying behind and have to be considered.

Neutral paint for a Vancouver homeThen when you’ve viewed the bare-bones of your home determine whether the house will be sold empty (unfurnished) or will you still be living there? If you are living there the neutral colours must also complement your existing furnishings (I highly recommend hiring a staging artist). Normally they will, as that is what ‘neutral’ means. Unless your house is a hideous blend of green walls and orange shag carpet from the 1970’s with chocolate brown ceilings you’ll be okay.

Finally no matter what you do for colour the new prospective buyers will be hyper-critical as to condition and flaws. So don’t skimp on filling and patching all the nicks and nail-holes and so on.

Finally my secret weapon: matte finish. Matte (or flat) paint is terrific because every wall looks better in matte. Why? Because it doesn’t reflect. It’s what I have in my house. It’s not too washable but my experience is nobody really washes walls anymore unless you have little kids. For that I would recommend eggshell or semi-gloss. But right now you’re selling and this is about show business! And when we paint homes to be used as movie sets the art director specifies matte/flat paint 100% of the time.

And why do we do all this? To sell the home faster, more easily for more money.

Painting for resale is an investment not an expense.

When you hire a painter for a resale project make sure he knows the techniques to show your home in it’s most flattering light. It’s worth every penny.

Vancouver painter and contractor Peter Byrne“PETER BYRNE is the owner and hands-on manager of Kassel Painting Limited. In the last two decades he has run over 1500 painting projects totalling $5.5M. There is little that can go right (or wrong) on a job-site he has not seen, solved, and lived to talk about.”

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