How to Choose the Right House Paint Colors

It is now officially our exterior painting season and Kassel Painting projects are moving outdoors. The first question many people ask is “Can you help us with choosing the colors?”

“Yes I can.”

First of all some paint colors seem more difficult than others. For instance, unless you are Greek or live in a Tropic or Mediterranean Climate, blue is very difficult as a main body color. I don’t know why. It could be because most North American homes are painted in earthy tones but often the blues are vivid bright blues that look cheap compared to richer tones. Don’t get me wrong, I love blue: Blue jeans, blue-eyed blonds, Rhythm and Blues and Blue Skies nothin’ but Blue Skies! But painting houses blue I find is not so good. The one above is okay because of the style having limited wall space and lots of white trim.

If you must use blue I advise use a muted grey blue and then as a trim color more than a body color. Whaddya do if you must paint it blue? Go ahead – it’s your house!

The most common colors are as I said; earthy. Terra-cotta in reds and browns and umbers, Spice paint colors from Tumeric to Paprika and everything in between. Leafy colors, especially warmer (more yellow) tones and the colors you see in rocks and stones.

Maybe those paint colors imply richness or strength and solidity but they never go out of style.
The other big factor is the style of home. Some homes look great in four or five different outside paint colors like this famous Queen Ann mansion in Eureka California. But if you have a house in a neighborhood of all modern similar houses then trying to make your basic bungalow look this?

Well it is not going to work and you may end up with a mess. So home style & design are also a factor.
Vancouver painter and contractor Peter Byrne
“PETER BYRNE is the owner and hands-on manager of Kassel Painting Limited. In the last two decades he has run over 1500 painting projects totalling $5.5M. There is little that can go right (or wrong) on a job-site he has not seen, solved, and lived to talk about.”

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