Feng Shui Colour Tips for Painting a House

House Painting with Feng ShuiA lot of people have come to believe in the Feng Shui system, which can be incorporated into practically everything that a person does: how money is spent, who to have business transactions with, how room décor is arranged; and even the choice of colours for painting your house.

Feng Shui is centered around the belief that your actions must be in harmony with the forces of nature to invite positive energy. This idea can be incorporated into the construction of a house from the ground up, and most certainly for selecting colours when painting a house. Many famous and successful people have ascribed to the principles of Feng Shui over the years, including Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. So hey… who knows? If you’re curious, read on!

Feng Shui Colour Tips:

When you’re thinking about turning your luck around, consider these basic tips in painting a house in accordance with Feng Shui practices:

Feng Shui Tip #1. By understanding the meaning of each colour, you can promote better energy flow and overall harmony. Feng Shui colours are divided into Yin and Yang colours, knowledge that can be useful in painting a house in accordance with good Feng Shui. Yin colors bring healing and relaxation, whereas Yang colors provide enthusiasm and positive energy.

  • Yin colours include blue, black, white, pink, purple and green.
  • Yang colours are yellow, beige, orange, brown, gold and red.

Feng Shui Tip #2. When house painting, you must consider the type of colour that you would use in a specific room according to its purpose. For example, the bedroom should be filled with a relaxing vibe that helps you rest peacefully at night. Take note, the sleeping colour is yin. The bathroom should also be a comfortable and relaxing area. After a long day’s work, the bathtub can be a very welcoming place to soak away your tension. Remember, bathing is a yin colour as well. For a harmonious and attractive combination, try pairing a soft green tone with white trim for your bedroom or bathroom.

Feng Shui Tip #3. How important is the front door? The front door is probably the most touched, visited and seen door in your house. According to Feng Shui, it’s through the front door that the house absorbs and welcomes positive and nourishing Chi, or the universal energy. When painting, take into account how the colour of your front door appeals to the Feng Shui principles. To bring good fortune and attract positive energy, use yang colors such as brown, red or beige.

Can You Handle a Feng Shui Painting Project?

Painting your house and considering all the key factors at once can be an intricate process. To get the job done right, it’s best if you leave house painting to the experts. After all, you wouldn’t want your luck to change just because of a faulty painting job. Consider hiring a professional contractor to get the mixing of colours and the painting in perfect balance.

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