Vancouver Painter House InspectionWhether the planned project is interior or exterior, before any home painting job starts, it is important that the overall condition of your home is carefully assessed. For an exterior project, things such as rotting wood or rusty gutters and eaves troughs, for example, are conditions that should be identified and dealt with before any actual painting begins.

The condition of the house will affect a number of things, such as the cost of the job and the estimated time for completion. When hiring an experienced Vancouver painter to work on your home, have them carry out a thorough initial inspection as part of the job; most reputable painting companies will already have a comprehensive inspection procedure in place.

Interior Inspection before Home Painting

A dependable Vancouver painter will inspect and assess the interior of your home prior to painting, including the integrity of walls, doors, trim work, windowsills and baseboards. They will check for things such as water or humidity damage, rot, peeling, holes, the presence of mildew, and any other damage or deterioration which may need to be addressed or repaired.

After their inspection, the painting company can determine if there is work that will need to be done prior to painting, such as the removal of wallpaper or the repair of water leaks. They can also determine Continue Reading…


Home Interior Painting Sponge Painted Walls Vancouver PainterDesign and décor, especially good quality home interior painting, have great aesthetic value and contribute a lot to the character and personality of your home. The overall atmosphere of your home’s interior hugely depends on colour and texture. If you’re still staring at something that went out of style years ago, consider the boost you’ll give your rooms by bringing them up to date.

Fresh Home Interior Painting Contemporizes Tired Trends

Yes, about 30 years ago, sponge painting gave your walls an interesting, texturized look. But that effect is long gone from the realm of contemporary interior design, and it’s probably just as well. Besides, not every past sponge-painted effort turned out the way it was supposed to, and the amateurish results often linger as the tacky legacy of a DIY weekend project. Mismatched colour combinations and just plain sloppy execution can contribute to the outdated eyesore in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, Continue Reading…


Vancouver PainterThe appeal of your home’s exterior greatly affects its market value. And that includes the quality of any painting you have done on wood, stucco, concrete, brick or other surfaces. Since this is the first thing that people see, the exterior of your house also gives a lasting impression about your general habits in caring for the house and its overall maintenance, inside and out.

If you don’t consider the look of your home’s exterior to be as important as the décor inside, think again. If you want to catch eye of prospective home buyers, remember that paint that’s faded or peeling can make your house look much older than it really is.

Make for Good Neighbours with a Vancouver Painter

It’s not just fences, as they say. Even if you aren’t planning to put your house on the market in the near future, take pride in keeping it attractive. Don’t become the eyesore on the block. A good Vancouver painter will highly recommend repainting your house during the dryer season. The wetter, windier weather of late fall and winter definitely take their toll on your home’s exterior, so think seriously about getting the job done while conditions are optimum.

A Vancouver Painter Knows the Benefits of Dry Days

When it comes to outdoor painting, it is well worth it to strike while the weather’s warm. Here are just two excellent reasons to take advantage of exterior painting before the going gets cold and damp. Continue Reading…


Painting your DeckFront or back, having your tired-looking porch spruced up by first-rate exterior home painters is an effective and simple way to improve the overall appearance of your home. Go for a brand new hue, keeping in mind that it’s usually best to choose a shade that’s suitable for all seasons in Vancouver.

Pick a colour you love and won’t grow tired of too easily, and also one that’s subtle enough not to give the neighbours the heebie-jeebies. Consult your specialist exterior home painters about appropriate colour possibilities, with just the right accents to complete the effect. Then watch them finish the job as painlessly as possible.

3 Good Tips for Choosing Colours for a Porch:

1. Coordinate with the Colour of Your Home

You’d be surprised by the way some homeowners swing when planning for porches. (There’s a reason why that bright orange paint is on sale!) Skip the impulse to be extra funky or bold, as the novelty will soon wear off. Professional exterior home painters will tell you that when choosing a colour for your porch, it should be Continue Reading…


Vancouver Home Interior PaintingYou’ve just had that great home renovation done, and want to most effectively complete the look. Whether your new room is a spacious, open area or a smaller, cozy spot, once the construction is done, choosing a suitable paint colour can be as important as planning the layout itself. Colour always plays a big role in getting the total look and feel you want to achieve. Consult an experienced home interior painting company for just the right advice.

When it comes to home interior painting, naturally there are a huge variety of colours you can choose from to perfectly suit every room in your house. If you now have a completely new room that wasn’t there before, however, it may be a challenge to know how to best incorporate its colour scheme into your home’s existing design and theme. Instead of being overwhelmed by a vast selection, see it as an opportunity to find a truly successful colour by considering a number of factors.

Painting a New Room? Things to Think About:

  • Pick a Colour that Suits the Room’s Purpose

Think about the size and intended use of your newly created space. If it’s a home office, for example, you’ll want to go with a shade that’s not overly distracting but not too calming, either. Something that makes you feel comfortable and able to concentrate well is Continue Reading…


Bedroom with Earth Tone ColoursAfter a long day’s work or a tiring time running errands and doing chores, you look forward to retiring to your bedroom for a power nap, to read a book, or to just plain let go of tension and get a good night’s sleep. The bedroom is your escape from the busy world. The colours that surround you there should promote complete restfulness as you drift off, and help bring a calm start to the day when you wake up in the morning.

An experienced Vancouver painter will tell you that one of the most important elements to make your bedroom exude a feeling of complete relaxation and serenity is the colour scheme that’s chosen to paint the walls. Certain colours incite particular moods in people, whether they are soothing and comforting shades, or palettes that excite and stimulate the mind.

A Vancouver Painter Puts You in the Know

Some of the newest trends in bedroom paint colours are the more natural tones. These include shades of tan, gray, green, blue and white. This is the simplest and best way to bring the freshness of the ocean, the silence of the rain forest and the expanse of blue skies into the room without unnecessary clutter in your décor. Colours found in nature are generally Continue Reading…


The color of your office space, medical or dental office, restaurant, large store or small shop speaks much more about your business than you think. The choice of colors you paint your walls, ceiling, and even the floor, radiates a great deal about you, your business, your employees, and ultimately your product and service. The kind of “vibe” your place of business resonates through its aesthetics can affect the way it is run, and ultimately how it makes money.

Something a skilled commercial painter well knows is that the color that envelops a room has an effect on the mood of people inside it. Your employees may find themselves in a more energetic and creative mood with a room painted in red. A doctor’s office is usually painted all white to exude a feeling of cleanliness and purity. A dentist’s office might do well in pale blue, which tends to have a calming effect. Have you ever felt like you’re gravitating to a certain shop at the mall just because their interior looks so inviting? That’s the same technique in action, which uses mood colors that can boost your business.

Get Ready for Your Commercial Painter

Begin by understanding what your product or service is all about. What image or vibe are you trying to communicate? Do you want a feeling of warmth and coziness or something young and funky? Who is your product or service for? Continue Reading…


Even as children, we were sensitive to what crayons we chose for our drawings and colouring books. Whether or not you stayed inside the lines, it really was all about the colours. Choosing them was the fun part, and it brought out our creativity.

Now that you’re all grown up and choosing paint colours for your own home, that sense of fun doesn’t have to disappear. When considering the best choices for your home’s particular style and the atmosphere you want to create, you can feel like a kid again! Colours can be symbols of many things: emotions, power, spirituality… The list is endless, but doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Read on for some basic hints to help you on your way. Continue Reading…


Painting a Home on the West CoastSome people associate “earth tones” with some boring old browns and leave it at that. What they fail to consider is that these tones range from the most basic black to a mixture of grays, creams, browns, tans, taupe and everything in between. Deep but subtle shades of green and blue blend in beautifully, bringing extra verve. An earth tone spectrum is vast and truly gorgeous. It also evokes the perfect mood for most elegant homes and reflects the nature-loving attitude of the west coast.

Earth Tones: Familiar and Fabulous

Earth tones feature many of the colours commonly found in nature, the elemental hues of earth, stone, and sand. Colours are often low key, but not without richness and depth. The sights and sounds of the natural world are calming and familiar, and appeal to our intrinsic feeling of belonging that flows from a beautiful space. Incorporating these colour components into your home will give it a welcoming, relaxing ambiance. With the skills of a company experienced in local home painting, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

Hard to Lose with Earth Tones

Earth tones are taking hold in stylish, up-to-date home improvement and design. New homeowners will often be drawn to the range of the earth tone palette to bring warmth into the various rooms of their west coast home. These colours are also very easy to coordinate with Continue Reading…


Out with the old and in with the new. Especially if you’ve moved into a great heritage style house that you want to update a bit with fresh, clean walls to show off some of your favourite artwork.

Unfortunately, that means removing any faded, peeling and outdated wallpaper that’s been clinging on for dear life for who knows how many years. Let’s face it: the country rooster and hen pattern in the kitchen has gone well past its vintage charm phase, and is just plain ugly.

Before enjoying the look and feel of those rooms freshly painted in exciting new colours, if you’re keen to do away with that nasty wallpaper yourself, prepare for some messy times ahead. Wallpaper removal takes many hours of hard and dirty work, especially if you’re not Continue Reading…


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