home paintingNavy blue, charcoal, burgundy, dark brown: great ideas for a winter coat, you may be thinking. We tend to avoid these darker shades as the prominent colour in room décor, but with a little derring-do, they might just be the angle you’re after to usher in an air of elegance and sophistication. A room featuring walls in rich, jewel-like tones is just plain fun to decorate, and can lend itself beautifully to more vibrant choices in furniture, accessories and especially artwork.

Here are a few useful tips and comments about using dark colours when some fresh, bold home painting is on the agenda:

Making the mood – Light and bright colours are often considered casual. Darker colours add elegance to a room and bring a more subtle tone to the space. They also convey confidence and calmness. A chief element in using dark colours successfully for home painting is the creation of contrast. Items in rooms with darker walls will really be showcased and stand out in a more obvious way.

Keep the kitchen in mind – Sure, kitchens are utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be classy, too. Colour really comes into play when Continue Reading…


Do you ever doubt the legitimacy or effectiveness of a business because of its exterior colour? You may even feel put off as you approach a particular office building or store, for no other reason other than how dilapidated and uninspiring it looks. Let’s face it, faded, chipped and peeling just doesn’t cut it in the commercial world.

Have you considered what your own building’s exterior paint tells passersby and potential customers about your company? If not, it might be time to give it some serious thought.

Painting Contractors Know the Power of Commercial Colours

painting contractorsOften, business managers and retailers focus only on a line of products or services and pay much less attention to how they are presented. And that doesn’t mean just creative window displays and glossy interior décor; the general condition and particularly colour of your retail exterior speaks volumes about your attitude, approach to business and willingness to accommodate customers and make their experience as pleasant as possible.

Unfortunately, not every business owner consults skilled painting contractors when it’s time to choose the colour of their building’s exterior. Researchers have validated the influence of colour on people’s moods. There are attractive colours, and Continue Reading…


commercial paintingChoosing just the right paint colour for your office, store, restaurant or other business is an important decision. The shades you choose can impact the mood and focus of customers and employees alike. It might surprise you to learn that colour combinations can significantly affect your consumers’ purchasing decisions, as well. For some, a colour may just be a colour, but commercial interiors create more influence than you might think. Just ask an experienced commercial painter.

Ask a Commercial Painter to Help with Colours that Work… at Work

There are so many different colours to choose from and picking the one palette that best suits your business is one of the keys to success. Ask yourself what tone you are trying to set in the workplace. Do you conduct business in a formal corporate atmosphere or in a more casual setting?The type of company you run and the impression you want it to convey will make a big impact on Continue Reading…


home paintingWhen decorating any room in your home, the first thing that establishes the foundation for whatever will follow, including flooring, furniture and fixtures, is the basic paint colour. Nowadays, you can find paint in just about any colour on the spectrum, letting your creativity and imagination take free rein.

If you’re deliberately going for a particular effect, however, such as making a smaller space feel more expansive, pay careful attention to the right rules of thumb. Remember that colour choice not only affects the atmosphere of a room, but also the illusion of spaciousness. When you are striving to heighten a sense of roominess without an actual increase in physical space, it’s generally advisable to rein it in a bit for successful home painting and to select lighter and more neutral colours.

Home Painting and Colours that Create the Illusion of Space

In order for a room to appear larger, you generally need to find ways to make it brighter. This is why choosing colours that are lighter or at least more or less neutral is Continue Reading…


Vancouver painterHiring a professional Vancouver painter for multiple or frequent projects can add up, especially if you have a lot of space to cover. So it’s always a huge benefit to discover a reputable Vancouver painter who also offers a great customer loyalty program.

Tried and true painting companies sometimes create innovative reward programs to help customers reduce their ongoing painting costs, in exchange for loyalty to the option of using their services. What it boils down to is a definite win-win situation.

How Loyalty Programs Work

Simply put, loyalty programs are designed to reward repeat customers with savings. Companies appreciate information from their customers, including their preferences and the regularity of their need for products or services. Trusted companies with loyalty programs know Continue Reading…


home interior paintingFirst impressions last when you are selling your home. What buyers will remember is the overall feeling they get when they walk inside, not the particular style of cabinets or details of the window treatments. If you are eager to list and sell your home without wasting time, it is crucial to keep the interior of your house attractive and up-to-date. One solid, uncomplicated way to help your house sell faster is to freshen and update all home interior painting. Making your home look especially attractive to the buyer will definitely get it off the market sooner rather than later.

Which Home Interior Painting Colours Can Help You Sell

When attracting potential buyers, remember to choose colours that suit the size and purpose of each room and refrain from wild experiments. Here are some good colours to consider:

  1. White – You can never go wrong with this colour. It is clean, neutral, and safe, making it a popular colour for home interior painting. Continue Reading…


home interior painting img1Nowadays, sounder environmental practices are widely observed in painting, design and construction projects. We all know that lead-free paint has been banned for some time now, and with good reason. But customarily, even paint intended for indoor use has contained plenty of toxins and other chemicals that are potentially harmful. Some paint fumes can promote symptoms such as nose and throat discomfort, headaches, nausea, fatigue and dizziness, to name just a few.

Home Interior Painting: Learn About VOCs

When it comes to talking about “greener” paint, you’ll undoubtedly hear the term “VOC,” which stands for volatile organic compound.

VOCs are a group of carbon-based chemicals that are volatile, which simply means that they like to manifest as a gas. The type and amount of VOCs in household paint generally varies with the type and brand of paint, but traditional household paints generally contain plenty of VOCs, including benzene and formaldehyde.

Since they are volatile, VOCs can “off-gas” from walls and other surfaces as the paint is applied and as it dries. Combined with the fact that the paint is usually applied to a fairly large area, this can cause Continue Reading…


Home Interior PaintingWith your bundle of joy on the way, it is only natural that you’d like to prepare a comfortable and great looking nursery where your little one can sleep and play. Of course you want the space to be soothing and welcoming, but it should also be safe and conducive to your child’s development. When planning for any home interior painting project, particularly one that includes a baby’s room, you’re wise to consult with experienced professionals who understand the importance of a nursery environment that is both attractive and completely safe.

Hire Home Interior Painting Professionals

Tackling home interior painting on your own usually makes for a tedious task, especially if you have other matters to take care of and purchases to concentrate on in readiness for the wee one’s arrival. Expectant parents will appreciate having more time to spend on shopping for baby clothes Continue Reading…


Home Painting for the HolidaysAre you expecting company for the holidays? Parents, cousins, friends, in-laws…they’ll probably all drop by at some point or another, and some will be staying overnight. Of course, you want your house to feel welcoming and look picture perfect. Aside from decorating with bows and boughs, the festive feel of your home will benefit most from some terrific background work. Now, before the seasonal social flurry actually begins, is the right time to have your interior home painting done by skilled and experienced Vancouver painters.

No Time like the Present for Holiday Home Painting

A professionally done interior paint job is actually a simple but effective way to spruce up your home for the upcoming holidays, and now is the perfect time to get started. Of course painting should be done primarily in the areas where you will be entertaining, such as the living room and dining room. But what a good excuse to finally have the kitchen painted, too, a task you’ve been putting off for far too long.

If you have out-of-town friends or family who will be staying with you, then it would be desirable to have any and all guest bedrooms and bathrooms painted, as well.

Pre-Holiday Home Painting Tips and Assurances

Home painting is obviously something that can’t be done overnight, but the same applies to good colour selection and many other aspects of planning the project. Start ahead of time and don’t feel rushed. Here are some dos and don’ts to consider for Continue Reading…


Commercial Painter VancouverLet’s face it: if you own or manage a facility as large as a factory or warehouse, the prospect of painting it yourself isn’t too appealing. For most businesses, in fact, it’s practically impossible, even with “in-house” assistance. The disruption to normal on-site procedures alone often creates an unrealistic and unmanageable situation. And simply put, mistakes and miscalculations cost time and money.

Whether it is the interior or exterior of your commercial facility that needs improvement, and regardless of the kinds of surfaces most in need of painting, you can see the project undertaken both on time and within budget. That’s where the expedient, professional services of a skilled commercial painter come in.

What to Consider before a Commercial Painter Begins

Before having an extensive facility properly painted, you need to consider several things ahead of time and be prepared to Continue Reading…


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