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Painting your house. It’s a job that must be done right, both inside and out. So you decide to hire someone. The next step is to rule out the buddy who says he’ll do it cheap. This job needs residential painters who are professional in every sense of the word and who have experience in Vancouver’s climate and business practices. Continue Reading…

Painter in a bucketA commercial workplace should be given the same amount of care and upkeep as any office building or home. Maybe people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the fact is they see your business every day and form opinions about it. Calling in a reputable Vancouver painting contractor can make a big difference.



Continue Reading…

2014 interior painint colour trends

Colour Trends for 2014: What Interior Colour?

Interior painting projects can be fun when you are at the planning stages of choosing colours. After all, there are so many to choose from and you can let your imagination run free with whatever you want.

However, colour trends and ideas emerge and change every year. What was in only five years ago can start to look dated now. Whether you are a new homeowner or have had your house for some time, it never hurts to check out the latest trends. You may be tempted to stick with old favourites but some of the latest innovations aren’t just fads, but are well thought-out ways to enrich your inside life for years to come. Continue Reading…

interior feature wallSpring is finally here! The drabness has started to fade away and, although Vancouver still has some rain every once in a while, the flowers have started to appear and the colours are showing their beauty.

For some homeowners, this time of year means a new push toward an aesthetic shift that can change the feel of their living space. Finding a distinct alteration that will provide a much needed change can cause a lot of soul searching.

Many homeowners consider painting the house interior in Spring, but baulk at the idea of a project that might feel as big as renovating the entire house. What aspect of the home could create a drastic shift without committing to a major renovation?

A feature wall could be just the thing. It may seem like such a small change in the overall aesthetic of your home, but do not underestimate the effect it can have on a room.

What is a Feature Wall?

In the most basic sense, a feature wall is the wall in a room that is drastically different from any other. Any visitor to your home will immediately be Continue Reading…

home paintingA great painter has put a lot of time into their craft. Having put enough time into the process, I can immediately see the small and seemingly insignificant things that affect my approach with a home painting project. Whether it’s inside or outside, there are certain aspects that my professional painting crew should understand before starting. I can shed some light here by looking at five inspection points a great painter should know about.

Indoor Checklist for Home Painting

Identifying those small factors that will help set up the best indoor home painting project can be difficult. There are many that I look for, but these are three that tend to stand out. They deal with both the mechanical and aesthetic difficulties of a job.

  • Easy access? How long a job will take can be determined in a large part by how easy it is to get at the surfaces. Covering furniture is the easiest option for a homeowner to avoid paint spills on their possessions, but working around that furniture can Continue Reading…

Eight common mistakes when choosing paint colour

By Shelley Scales

colour chart

1. Choosing a paint colour in the store without checking it in the space.

Use a fan deck in the light where it’s going to be used. For example, lighting in South Vancouver is distinctly different from Northwest Portland.


over matching decoration 2. Over-matching.

This is to say making all the walls in the living room the same colour as the sofa. This is a colour scheme that has no colour “wow”.  You can find successful colour schemes in magazines, and in nature, using the colour wheel. Choose the colour scheme that best shows your personality.

try colour first


3. Not trying the colour first.   

Choosing the wrong colour can ruin the job, if you are not certain, do a test on the wall; it could appear nice on the card but have too much pink or yellow in it. Put it on the wall and wait 24 hours if you can. Look at in the different lights of the day and night.

preparing for a painting job VancouverBefore any interior painting job get underway, there are some simple steps to take that will ensure that your furniture and other belongings remain unscathed and spatter-free, and that your professional painter can complete the project quickly and without the worry of tipping over Great Aunt Gertie’s heirloom vase.

Here’s a handy checklist of the best prep steps you can take ahead of time, for safety and efficiency at every turn.

1. Clear the Room! Lighter furnishings and furniture should be removed from the room whenever possible.

2. To Move & Protect. Shift the heavy furniture to the middle of the room before covering it with plastic sheeting or a canvas drop cloth to protect it from spatters. Tuck in the covering and use masking or painter’s tape to secure it.

3. Keep it Clean. Many people make the mistake of not doing any cleaning at all until the painting job is finished. But any dust particles or other Continue Reading…

good home painting in VancouverTell the truth: are there some old, partly full paint cans taking up room in your basement, crawlspace or garage? Once a home painting job is completed, one of the things that should be done right is the disposal of leftover paint. Any paint that isn’t going to be kept on hand for possible touch-ups down the road should be dealt with responsibly, to ensure that your home remains free of hazards.

Getting rid of old paint (colours that are no longer on your walls) not only saves space, it eliminates confusion when searching for the right colour. Correct methods of paint disposal also mean that the environment doesn’t suffer as a result of a laissez-faire attitude or careless accident.

Responsible Disposal of Oil-Based Paint

  • Check the label to see if it contains lead or any other hazardous materials. (Some older paints require hazardous Continue Reading…

office painting contractors in VancouverA well-functioning work setting is an integral part of successfully running any company, and any disruption is almost always a drawback. That’s why painting contractors who work in commercial settings, including office buildings, stores, and restaurants, for example, know that downtime is not only an inconvenience, but it can also mean the loss of productivity and revenue.

Don’t let a dingy, old looking office space “paint” an image of unprofessionalism and laziness. Who needs to make a bad impression that can potentially chase away clients? Keep things looking classy by hiring an experienced commercial painter to make things presentable.

Qualities of Good Painting Contractors

Here are a few points to zero in on when consulting with potential painting contractors:

Price: Beware of quotes that seem too good to be true, as they usually are and may invite a slapdash job. Ask for a price breakdown for all stages of the job, and clearly establish who is responsible for the moving of furniture and other items, both Continue Reading…

ceiling painters in Vancouver Sooner or later, every home or office space needs some freshening up, and maybe even an entirely new wall treatment following renovations. That’s when a good professional painting job makes all the difference, especially when it comes to the ceilings.

Let’s face it: the area above our heads is the one part of a room that most of us aren’t that keen to work on. The angle is awkward, primer and paint seems to drip and spray more readily (thanks, gravity), and balancing almost always comes into play.

Even if you have an especially long roller handle attachment, it doesn’t take long for the arms and back to start aching. Often the outcome is less than satisfactory, which makes the rest of the room really stand out by comparison.

A Painting Job on Ceilings Differs from Walls

A lot of ceilings were typically finished with spray textured surfaces that create a “spatter” or “popcorn” effect. These days, however, many architects and homeowners prefer Continue Reading…

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