Kassel Painting Has WorkSafeBC and Insurance Coverage

Kassel Painting Work Safe BC

WorksafeBC & Liability Insurance is Important

Having General Liability Insurance is a basic business requirement that protects you and the tradesman working on your property. In case of accident he has the coverage to replace or repair any of your possessions that may have been damaged. Further if his actions cause harm to another or injure another his insurance will absorb that liability. If he does not have such insurance as Worksafebc the injured party will go to the next in line and that is YOU. And you can be held responsible for having an under-insured contractor working on your site.

WorkSafeBC Coverage and the Homeowner

It gets worse:
You may not know this (and believe me it is not fair) but if you let a tradesman work on your property and his Workers Compensation Board (WorkSafe) premiums are not paid up to date, then any harm he may cause to himself becomes your fault and your insurance may be forced to pay out for his hospitalization or lifelong disability!

Cut-rate contractors and cash deals sound tempting especially when we already pay too much in taxes. But it is better to be safe than sorry. Protect yourself. A reputable contractor will have all the needed safeguards in place to protect himself and the client.

Caveat Emptor. means “buyer beware!” in Latin.

You can trust Kassel Painting to keep up all of our required insurance for your safety. We serve greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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