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House painting in Vancouver can be challenging. But a high quality, exterior paint job can stand up to a wide range of weather conditions.

house paintersThe weather in Vancouver can be very unpredictable. For a few months of the year it can be hot and dry, but most other times it is overcast or rainy. For about ten months a year there is a high risk of heavy rain and stormy weather. House Painters in Vancouver face a particularly difficult challenge because they have to ensure that their quality external paint jobs will withstand the less than ideal weather conditions.

Kassel Painting has been painting in Vancouver for over 30 years and has the experience necessary to prepare houses for damaging weather conditions and at the same time make your house look its best inside and out.

The Right Paint For The Job

house paintersHouses in Vancouver need to be able to withstand hot dry sun as well as heavy rain and freezing temperatures. Exterior house paint is usually the first part of a house to show signs of deterioration. House painters in moist and humid climates choose paints that are highly resistant to the the effects of water and sunlight. Kassel Painting uses only the highest quality paints to ensure that your house is protected against the heat and the cold.

Latex paint is commonly used by professional house painters. External house painters use it often because it dries much faster than oil based paints which decreases the chance of bugs and dirt drying in the fresh paint.

Surface Preparation is Very Important for a Quality Paint Job

When repainting exterior surfaces it is a very good idea to clean the surface of any imperfections. A clean surface will hold paint much tighter and longer than an aged surface. There are several things that need to be done before repainting an older surface:

  • Bleach any buildup of mildew
  • Scrub surface with detergent and water to remove dust and debris
  • Clean out, widen, and seal all cracks
  • Sand down remaining paint
  • Apply an appropriate primer

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